Guiding Dentists and Doctors to Financial Independence

Since 1971 our team members have been dedicated to serving the client who needs more than just a management consultant or a CPA. With Advanced Practice Management, a Certified Public Accounting Firm, you get seasoned professionals that deal with all aspects of office management and financial reporting.


Featured Clients

  • Knightsbridge Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Verhoff Dental
  • Grove City Family Dentistry
  • Dublin Dental Care
  • Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP
  • General Medical Consultants, Inc.


"Our monthly educational meetings define who we have become. The importance of these meetings has continually shaped and evolved our business. The most critical aspect of running a business is not only in knowing the numbers but having a pulse on the business as a whole. The years of experience Steve Barnes and his team bring to their operation and each meeting have allowed me to feel confident in the way I run my business. The breakdown of pretty much every thing from spending to operations and its comparison to industry standards helps us stay in tune with the practice. The ability to lock in to these numbers on a consistent basis has been immeasurable to our success and one of the distinguishing features that separates Advanced Practice Management from other accounting firms. There is value in surrounding yourself with experts whom you can also call a friend. Without hesitation Advanced Practice Management has a formula for success and I am proud to be part of it."
Jeremy Thiel | Signature Dental